Power Use (W):210-410

Giant B

Hash Algorithm:Blake2B, Lbry, Pascal, Blake256R14, Blake256R8
Mining Hardware:


Algorithm Hash power
blake256R14 160GH/s 410watt
blake256R8 160GH/S 260watt
blake2B 80GH/s 300watt
Lbry 40GH/s 400watt
Pascal 40GH/s 210watt

Terms & condition

1. No refund and return after the payment.
2. A 45-day warranty for miners.
The following conditions will make the warranty invalid:
1. Disassembled machine, unauthorized changes, or replacement of components.
2. Damage caused by lightning strike, voltage surge, faulty power supply, etc.
3. Burnt circuit boards or chips.
4. Damage by water, damp or corrosion.
In the case of the above, we will provide paid maintenance service. The freight fee of maintenance is paid by the buyer, and we are not responsible for the loss of income during the maintenance period. 


Baikal Giant B Miner

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