• Deluxe Crypto Alt Coin Mining Rig 5x GTX

Every MagnaRig is assembled by hand with new quality hardware.

Hardware List:
5x EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 11GB GPU
Intel Pentium G4600 CPU
MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Motherboard
8GB G.Skill DDR4 RAM
750W Thermaltake 80Plus Gold Power Supply
1200W HP Enterprise 80Plus Platinum Server Power Supply
Windows 10 64bit

Fully Enclosed Case /w 5 Fans

Bonus: Every MagnaRig includes a FREE Tripp Lite Isobar ISOBLOK premium surge protector to protect your new rig from power surges!

What makes the MagnaRig Alpha a Premium Mining Rig?
  • High-end EVGA FTW3 iCX GPU's
  • 3.6GHz Hyper-threading Pentium CPU vs Their Celeron
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM vs Their 4GB
  • Fast booting 120GB M.2 NVME SSD vs Their USB Drive
  • Full Case /w 5 Fans vs Their Open Frame

Mining Stats:
3700 Sols/s Equihash Maximum Power
3520 Sols/s Equihash Power/Efficiency Optimized
Equihash = Zcash, Zclassic, Zencash, Bitcoin Gold, Hush, BitcoinZ, Bitcoin Private

Your rig arrives fully assembled and configured by default with Windows 10 and Bminer(Equihash) to the coin/pool of your choice with power/efficiency optimized settings.

On buyers request we can also provide the following configurations at no charge:
Nicehash Miner: v2 or Legacy
Alternative Equihash miners: EWBF or DSTM
Neoscrypt or Lyra2REv2 miners (Next most profitable algorithms after Equihash)
SMOS - Simple Mining Linux OS instead of Windows (Adds 1 day handling time for setup)

90 days phone & TeamViewer remote support included

Deluxe Crypto Alt Coin Mining Rig 5x GTX

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