•  ZCASH Mining Rig

Mining Rig for Cryptocurrency or Virtual Currency 

WE RECOMMEND THIS SYSTEM FOR ZCASH coin mining (more efficient and high return, even though this system is able to mine other currencies) 

We provide miner for Ethereum, Zcash, Monero and Ethereum Classic mining system. Plug and play system. 

Our product provides you with;

1. Setup and ready to go system , updated NVIDIA drives 

2. Updated BIOS 

3. Set up wallet guidance (this is optional) 

4. Assembled by Australian Licensed Electricians and IT engineer team 

5. Durable and Silence system 

6. Power efficient system 

7. Reliable to run 24/7 without fail 

8. High hash rate 

Our components for GT 4; 

1. Intel Celeron G3930 LGA 1152 2.9GHz CPU Processor 

2. ASUS Prime Z270-AR  

3. 7 Units of GTX 1070 MSI NVIDIA 8GB graphics cards (longer life span then several that has been tested)

4. 3 Units Thermaltake LED fans 140mm (blue)

5. Corsair 1000 Watt GOLD Rated Power Supply: 97.9+% Efficiency

6. Corsair 4 GB DDR 4 Vengeance LPX 2400mhz 

7. Aluminium (silver) frame 

8. 7  Units High Power USB3.0 Risers

9. A 4 x 32 GB USB soon to be 6 with all software for each currency (switching for high value) with ethOS installed. Fully configured with optimal settings per currency mined.

10. Australian Electrical standard for electrical and power plug components. 

11. Documentation for full warranty ; http://www.cguinsurance.com.au/insurance/cgu/files/0b/0b5c7e51-050a-49fc-90cd-f2d589140163.pdf

Our special design features; 

1. SIMPLE PLUG AND PLAY; All you need is this machine plugged into a normal general power outlet (Typically 10 amp) with good constant electricity and Internet Network (NBN is not necessary).

2. EASY SETUP; Our services Include, setup to your wallet system and software for the operating system, ethOS.

3. ASSISTANCE SETUP; We assist you in setting up monitoring system in your iOS/ Android. Eg. Etherpool, Flypool. 

4. TRAINING PROVIDED; Training will be provided on how to maintain, monitor and switch between currencies that are in higher value. Ethereum/ZCash

5. Configured to mine at the moment, 4 different types of currencies and with easy switch system (FLEXIBLE);

a. Ethereum 

b. ZCash

c. Monero

d. Ethereum Classic 

6. STABLE mining speed; 182mh/s (ethereum) and ~440h/s (165w) (zcash). (Modification can be made to achieve more out of ONE system)

7. HIGH QUALITY graphics cards, power supply, aluminium framing and brackets, All Australian standards compliance, e.g.AS3000/AS3008 and many more for cabling and power supply.

8. Silent or Less noise on power supply fans and LED fans 

9. Low power consumption, this product has been tested is running at 19.2kwh 

ZCASH Mining Rig

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